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Our Quality Acrylic Stable Mirrors have rounded corners and smoothed edges for Safety. Easy to install with velcro (trailer mirror to load them), screws or ties depending on what you are mounting them to. We highly recommend mounting by gluing to a sheet of MDF (avail. at your local hardware store. This will hold the mirror together in case it does break due to a kick etc. and the mirror will also be flat, instead of reflecting a warped image like a ‘fun house’ mirror.

LARGE: ........................2’ x 4’ 

(Mounting hardware included)

MEDIUM:.....................2’ X 2’

SMALL - ...................12” x 12”

(Small size -for trailer use we provide Velcro easy on /off tabs included, we recommend using it for loading, and removing the mirror before traveling).

STABLE MIRRORS are also often referred to as Stall Mirrors, Stall Buddy Mirrors or Buddy Mirrors. Some companies claim their acrylic to be shatterproof and we want you to know there is currently NO shatterproof mirror Acrylic on the market.

Our horse mirrors are thicker than the acrylic mirrors that are considered safe for children used in professional settings such as daycare and hospitals and dance studios.

Questions regarding suitability for your stall or Horse?

We offer a free consultation for mounting and mirror use including strategic placement based on your horses behavior.

How to Order:

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