Acrylic Safety Stable Mirror


1. Reduce your horses Stress

  1. Studies now show that 60% of stabled horses have gastric ulcers -indicating a high level of stress. Stress can change the Ph of the gut making the horse uncomfortable, irritable and even prone to colic. Horses experiencing gastronomical discomfort may act out. Bad manners can be a sign that your horse isn’t feeling well. Try a PonyBuddy® in his stall.

2. Calm your Horse on STALL REST

  1. Sick or injured horses often need stall rest.

  2. Confinement is stressful and may cause agitation. Anxious Horses can further damage themselves by resisting confinement. PonyBuddy® Mirrors are a NATURAL way to calm a horse or can compliment your treatment plan.

3. Provide an Affordable Companion

  1. Horses evolved to expect direction and interaction from other horses, from all sides, inside the herd.

  2. When kept alone, they literally have no support system.

  3. Does Your horse need a stall Buddy? Try a PonyBuddy®.

4.  Load Your Horse in A Trailer

  1. Horses will often load more easily when they see more light and a friend inside. The small size and Velcro attachments for removal after loading are easy on you and your horse.

5.   European Veterinary Studies have Shown

  1. Acrylic Stable Mirrors are effective at decreasing undesirable behavior such as cribbing and weaving in stabled horses. Read the European Study here:   


  3. another interesting study link here

  4. “Recent Advances in the Treatment of Stereotypic Behavior” Daniel Mills Animal Behaviour Cognition and Welfare Group University of Lincoln

  5. Stable mirrors reduce weaving”


      Simple Trick Soothes Horses


The Sad Horse - A Grieving Athlete.

A mirror will give him the herd mate he so desperately needs to feel normal. A horse without focus is not a winner. Now he can work to his full potential.

The Anxious Horse

He needs a FRIEND, not buckets of medications.

A mirror friend can be a comforting companion.

The Grumpy Resistant Horse.

They are Resentful and deadened by lack of a natural herd environment, so important to all equines. A mirror can help this type be more willing,

Why Buy a PonyBuddy® Stable Mirror?

Below are some examples of the STRESSFUL EFFECTS caused by SOCIAL ISOLATION

commonly seen in stabled horses.

-A Sustainable Stables Equine Product~

-No more chemicals to leach into the environment

A Happy Horse is a Healthy Horse.



Reasons Every Stable

Should Have One